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Zero Waste 101

“Waste isn’t waste until we waste it”

“Waste”; it is something we see every day, it is something we generate every day, but have you ever thought of the environmental impact of that plastic cup or that tissue paper we all mindlessly have used!?

Sadly, the endless consumerism, the ever-evolving trends, and the change in purchase patterns have led to forgetting the many important aspects of our beloved Mother Earth.

So what can we do to change our pattern? To lead a cleaner & greener life?

Simply, switch out to a Zero Waste Lifestyle!

With a Zero Waste Lifestyle, you essential reflect on your choices and reduce the amount of waste you create on a daily basis! The primary purpose of leading such a lifestyle is to send as less as possible to landfills and rather focus on mindful consumption! A fine example would be, saying goodbye to those harmful single-use items that clog up our landfills and switching to better choices of recycling & upcycling.

Yes sounds a bit too much! But don’t worry we have you covered!

Switching to a Zero Waste Lifestyle can be challenging but let’s not forget with a little effort here, and with a little conscious choice there, we can have some wonderful impacts everywhere!

Wish to make the switch?

Let’s get into the scoop:

#Tip 1: Scan your trash: Sounds OMG! We know, but having a strong look through your garbage helps you reflect a long way on your waste sources, type, and how you can minimize it. Understanding such habits also gives you an idea of where you need to cut your trash further refining & reducing it. The most common could be food production or personal waste.

#Tip 2: Say no to Fast Fashion: All thanks to consumerism & fast fashion is garments & clothing, garment is one of the largest sources of waste generated. While we all love to stay in trend, the end of such trends is the start of new landfills. Rather switch up to thrift shopping. It is a great way to adore some pre-loved clothes & upcycle while staying in trend. Want to know more? Read our blog on Thrifting here (Please hyperlink the old article)

#Tip 3: Buy more fresh: When you choose to shop local, fresh hand produce than processed food, you choose to ditch those harmful plastic & paper packaging. Simply make sure to carry your favorite totes and skip out those plastic baggies. With this habit, you’re sure to end up eating healthier and saving the environment in an efficient way.

Additionally, let’s remember, when you consume more fresh produce, your food scraps are turned into healthy compost for the environment, leading to wonderful greenery ahead!

So here you have it, 3 super effortless tips to get your Zero Waste Journey started.

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