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When the Cannes films festival made a sustainable style statement..

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Firstly, let’s understand the concept of sustainability in fashion. We know, sustainability in fashion is such an overused clichéd word, right?

But let’s face it! It is the future! It is the need of the hour!

Sustainability in fashion simply means garments which can be sustained, protect the environment, reduce CO2 emissions & waste production, promote biodiversity, and

cut down on pollution.

But did you that fashion & sustainability haven’t always been two peas in a pod?

Sustainability in fashion can be hunted back to 1962 with the book ‘Silent Spring’ by the famous American Biologist Rachel Carson. Carson in her book throws light on the extensive effects of pollution created by agricultural chemicals, synthetic pesticides, and false marketing claims.

Moving forward to the 1990s, sustainability lead the way in the fashion and fabric publications at the Rio Earth Summit under the much-needed “green issues’’ discussions.

Sustainability is only growing ever since, from local brands to huge fashion platforms, we can see sustainability in fashion being embraced and how!

A fine example is the hippest & happening; Cannes Film Festival.

Sustainability at the Cannes Film Festival can be traced back to 2018 with superstar celebrities showcasing sustainable fashion so beautifully. Emma Watson, a serial supporter of sustainability posed in a stunning gown made out of recycled plastic bottles or Blanchett recycled her favourite noir-esque gown and wore it with panache at the gala soiree.

In 2011, Even popular stars like Bella Hadid, Chiara Ferragni, and Camille Charriere chose vintage & sustainable looks to make a style statement. Chiara styled a dress made of recycled aluminium. Camille looked stunning in a restyled 2001Dolce and Gabbana & while Bella wore a 2002 Jean Paul Gaultier dress for the opening night.

Setting new goals for recycling in Cannes 2022 is Ricky Tej. Bold as he can get, Ricky Tej, an Indian music composer whose music proves his love for the environment & sustainability repeated his Grammy 2022 outfit in the Cannes Red Carpet 2022.

Speaking about Cannes initiatives towards sustainability, the iconic red carpet was reduced by a whopping 59% saving 1,400 kilometres of materials.

Single-use plastic water bottles were completed replaced by water fountains and additionally, the caterers of the Cannes Festival under a compilation of ‘eco-responsible’ guidelines set up their services to keep food wastage, reduce wastage, as well as provide more vegan & vegetarian options.

The 2022 Cannes Film Festival is also iconic as the official modes of transport included 100% electric & hybrid vehicles.

How inspirational are all these initiatives!

The Cannes Film Festival is indeed embracing sustainability on a global fashion level, and we as the youth of tomorrow should aim to make sustainability an everyday concept!

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