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Want to act on climate change but not sure how? Tweaking 3 parts of your life will make the biggest

Climate change is real.

From extreme weather conditions, chronic droughts, heavy floods, and increased global warming, to economic fluctuations, it’s all happening.

But relax... don’t be overwhelmed by these effects. Instead, ask yourself what can you do to tackle climate change? How can you work towards a stronger and healthier 2030 and beyond!?

You can be the change and make a lasting difference for us, our kids, grandkids, and all of mankind!

Here’s how:

1. Ride Away:

You’d be surprised to know but in 2021, India’s carbon emissions were 2.88 Gt.

Naturally, the major source of these emissions is travelling and commuting. So, what can you do?

Make the better choice of walking or cycling, rather than using your car. You not only get to save on money, save the planet but also save a trip to doctors, all just by riding away!

Another eco-friendly, time-friendly, and pocket-friendly option? Public Transport. Make use of the beautiful network of buses and trains. They’re also an energy-efficient choice and have lower carbon footprints.

Still, need your car? Put a habit of switching off the engine when not needed. Keep a maintenance check on your car.

Fun fact: Did you know your tire pressure can help reduce carbon emissions? Yes, pumped tires can pump up the environment by releasing less carbon and giving you better fuel efficiency.

You can also try carpooling. It is such a great way to enjoy your trip with some loving company as well as save mother earth!

2. Power Better:

We all need energy and electricity is the main source of power energy. You must have known that India is the world’s third-largest energy producer led by fossil fuels, in particular coal?

Yes, so you can imagine the crazy amount of production and its aftermath on the environment.

Surprised? So were we!

Now with such energy resources, how can you be efficient and better? Power better by choosing energy-saving lights, appliances, and LED instead of regular light bulbs.

Power-efficient by switching off fans, lights, and electronic items when not needed. Saves you those monthly bills as well as saves mother earth.

You could also power better with personal old school changes.

Yes, you read it right! Switch to the nostalgic mug and bucket bath. We’re sure you’ll end up saving water, electricity, money, and time!! Rather than using the heavy dryers, switch to hanging clothes out in sun.

Did you know that the sun rays are natural sanitisers as well as give you neater and fresher clothes, reducing the energy and effort of ironing further? Think about it.

3. Eat Good:

Food is our heart and soul.

So, here’s some food for your thoughts: Food ecosystems are responsible for a third of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions!

Now, how can you make a difference?

Ditch those red meats, and processed foods, and go organic with vegetables, fruits, sprouts, leafy greens, legumes, pulses, and nuts.

Such choices lead you to a hearty lifestyle, and nutrition, as well as help local brands & farmers, grow!

Another great change you can make is by reducing food waste, keeping a check on your labels, and expiry dates, and using your products at the right time which reduces landfills and gas emissions.

We believe even a small change today can go a long way tomorrow. After all, our choices make our lifestyle. And hence, change for change should be a collective motto!

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