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Walk towards sustainability (literally!)

Small steps make a big difference!!

So, step into vegan footwear!

You would be surprised to know that the material in our regular shoes such as polyester, synthetic rubber, EVA, PVC etc are produced from microplastics which pollute our environment! Imagine millions of sesame sized plastic trashing up the oceans and marine life every single day!

Horrible right?

But here are some options for you to walk green:

From Nike’s ‘Happy Pineapple Collection’ made from Piñatex – which is a pineapple leather (manufactured by the London-based company ‘Ananas Anam’) to Reebok’s 2021 launch [REE]GROW pack creatively reinventing CLUB C sneakers made with a unique bio-based cotton and algae-based EVA midsole by BLOOM( a sustainable raw material provider based in Mississippi, USA.).

Talking about a few home-grown brands:

Try Green Sole which recycles footwear and how! We are in total admiration of this Indian brand which recycles discarded footwear into new comfortable pairs which they not only retail but also donate to the needy.

For Men, there is The Alternate, a Men’s footwear brand which is Sustainable as well as fashionable. The Alternate is curated out of PETA-approved vegan leathers and handmade to perfection and style.

Try Paaduks too. They use Upcycled tyres, conveyor belts and rubber matting for the soles. The uppers are also in upcycled and locally sourced eco-friendly materials. Plus, the designs and colours are so very cool, contemporary and chic!

Today plant-based leathers are trending worldwide. From cork, kelp, bamboo, banana and cactus leathers, to leather made out of even coconut scraps, apples, mushrooms and paper which are colourful, attractive, soft and fashionable!

Interesting and innovative, right?

Sustainability is indeed everywhere, so, on your next shoe-shopping spree give these vegan alternatives a try and make the switch from ‘sole’ to ‘soul’, one step at a time!

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