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Thrift it off!

Have you ever borrowed your sister’s tops or adorned a cute shirt from your BFF's closet!? Well, then you’ve already taken the wonderful action of thrifting but in your own ways!

So what really is thrifting?

Simply put, thrifting is to shop from pre-loved and pre-owned wardrobes generally found in flea markets and thrift stores. All thanks to the growth of thrift stores and the oh-so-popular Instagram, thrifting has become the trend of today and lucky for all of us a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion choice too!

But believe it or not, thrifting wasn’t always so popular. But giving commendable credit to many influencers, thrifting became the next big thing in 2021.

Perhaps why wouldn’t it!? Thrifting is like the true blessings we need to save our future, save our land!

We all know, it can take up to years and years from one t-shirt to your favourite pair of denim to break down! But with thrifting, you can be the happy soul reducing landfill and wastage!

With thrifting, you can also reduce water and chemical pollution too!

How? It’s simple!

Fast fashion brands make garments out of textiles with harmful dyes, synthetic fibres, pesticides and whatnot! The wastage from such factories is mixed into waterways, contaminating our homes and environment. But with thrifting, you can cut out such horrid effects on our beloved Mother Earth.

Also, folks, let’s not forget, that thrifting also helps you in curating a one-of-a-kind style for yourself at pocket-friendly prices!

Sweet deal isn’t it!?

So now you must be wondering where should you thrift from.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our recommendations:

  1. Bombay Closet Cleanse: A cute store with the concepts of swaps and selling & drop-dead gorgeous sales almost every week.

  1. The Vintage: Shine out like vintage & sustainable beauty with magnificent dresses from The Vintage

  1. Bodements: Handpicked, Upcycled, Classy. Ensembles from bodements make the perfect style statement as well as eco-conscious choice.

  1. Paradimethrift: Thrifting with a hint of pop culture! Quirky in all styles, clothes from paradigm thrift are your best friend for all your theme parties.

  1. All things pre-loved: More like all things pretty, this online store is taking slow and sustainable fashion to another level with its pre-owned awesome attires.

So what’re you waiting for?! Breathe new life into your style with a shift to thrift!

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