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The city of your dreams: Auroville

Imagine a city with the sole purpose of spreading peace and harmony as its mission.

A city where gender equality flourishes and diversity nourishes!

A city where unique green practices such as a gratitude animal farm, wastewater treatment plant, and waste management as an eco-service exists!

Seems like the city of your dreams?

Located in the middle of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, India, we introduce you to Auroville!

Auroville is a one-of-a-kind experimental township also known as the “City of Dawn”

Why you ask?

The very stepping stone of Auroville is diversity, harmony, and eco-friendliness!

Made of humble inhabitants from around Mother Earth, Auroville is divided into 4 zones, each with its uniqueness and at the centre stands ‘Matrimandir’ also known as the city's soul. The rest of Auroville is surrounded by a green belt lovingly infused with farms, sanctuaries, & forested areas.

What got us in awe of Auroville is Matrimandir:

Represented as Temple of the Mother, Matrimandir stands as a wonderful proof of the concept of great evolution, conscious, and intelligent principle of life

Matrimandir, the centre of the city is situated in the open area known as ‘peace’ and as you may have already understood it is a land of finding your inner consciousness and serenity.

Matrimandir is loved by nature and how! Matrimandir has 12 parks with each a distinctive name such as "Harmony", "Bliss", Perfection", Progress", "Consciousness", etc., each with a variety of flowers, shrubs and trees, symbolising the forces of nature!

Are you already in awe as we are!?

We have more in store!

Let’s talk about some of the unimaginable green practices at Auroville:

Water waste is no doubt a big global problem, and unfortunately, not everyone has access to water, so how does Auroville fix this!?

With their wastewater recycling program!

Started way back in the 80s, a dedicated team at Auroville gave it their all to solve this issue. They build systems, they built processes, they bought the products, they experimented, they did it all!

After experimenting, they found success with planted filters in the domestic areas as the preferred choice of recycling water.

Also known as root zone treatment, Auroville, today has 60 wonderfully planted treatment systems which recycle water from households, communities, to industrial units similar blessing them back with domestic water.

What makes these systems even more awesome is their unique design & structure, they can be

beautifully landscaped into any environment, even urban!

Besides such practice, Auroville also has a solar village project which is an outstanding attempt to provide renew and conserve energy. A crowdfunded tool by nature, Auroville provides solar panels to nearby villages ensuring access of energy for them as well as ending energy poverty.

All thanks to Auroville, today, inhabitants of Irumbai village have energy-efficient fans and much-needed light!

That’s not all, Auroville also has a gratitude farm dedicated just to our four-legged and winged friends of nature. A humble home to rare birds & animals, the gratitude farm is a happy space for them as well as a ground for many educational studies and research!

With happy communities, sustainable practices, and oh-so-amazing ideologies, Auroville is like no other city!

Move away from the basic and boring destinations and treat yourself to some never seen uniqueness and innovation with Auroville!


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