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Sustainable tips you need in IRL!

We know what you’re thinking, another blog on sustainable food, products, brands, & recommendations!?

We’re sorry to burst your bubble but in this blog, we’re going to decode some easy-peasy and oh-so breezy practical life tips you can take up to the

the goodness that is “sustainability”

But before, let’s understand what is sustainable living?

Sustainable living is like a jungle with so many beautiful concepts! Sustainable living is an ideology, a belief, and a practice to reduce, reuse, & recycle. It is a way of life that helps us to cut & control our personal as well as societal impacts on Mother Earth, fight climate change, and so much more!

So here are a few tips for your sustainability rescue:

#Tip 1: Make minimalism your new best friend. Minimalism simply means to make the most out of all your products & resources while reducing wastage. The ultimate key to sustainability, with a minimalist attitude you also save & reuse. A famous example of minimalism can be thinking twice before shopping. What’re you shopping for? Do you really need that product? If yes, how can you maximise its use and support zero waste?

#Tip 2: Green up your home: No we’re not just talking about adding more plants. By green up, we mean using eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible. The choices are unlimited, you’ve got energy saving-bulbs, programmable thermostats for temperature control & smart energy. Open your homes to solar energy every day. With the shineful rays of the sun, you not only save energy but stay protected from diseases, and harmful bacteria, & charge up on Vitamin D for free.

#Tip 3: Try Eco-Friendly Hour: Yes folks, this may sound tough but it is surely doable. We are all surrounded by electronics & devices around us, so why not try having an eco-friendly hour? We don’t mean to go off the grid completely but choose a day & time of the week to be device-free. Switch off your devices & electrics and save your resources for tomorrow. Rather indulge in me-time, gather your thoughts, and take up a new hobby. An eco-friendly hour once a week helps you save up on so much energy as well as reduce your carbon emissions.

Sustainable living is all the right you do today, for a healthier & happier tomorrow.

Let’s change life to a sustainable way of living!

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