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Style it up!

We’re sure you have heard of old is gold but we often only think of nostalgic songs, films, or famous celebrities when we hear this phrase.

But did you know you have a goldmine in your closet too?

Yes, folks, you heard it right!

We’re talking about those unused shirts, faded pair of jeans, or lost dresses in your wardrobe! They’re the real goldmine which can lead you to a life of recycle, reduce, and reuse.

Let’s face facts! We all have clothes we don’t use but store, maybe as a fond memory, as a weight loss goal, or simply because we are just too glam to give a damn!

But did you know you could actually make the best out of waste with such clothes!? We’re talking about upcycling your old clothes.

So how can you breathe life into your old clothes and have some sustainability fun?

Here are 3 creatives way for the eco-friendly experimenter in you:

1. Old shirt, new tote bags!

If you vibe with the whole “tote with a tie” look then this hack is for you:

We all need bags, from shopping to groceries to extra storage at all times, so why not repurpose your old shirts into new bags? Such bags are not only sustainable in the long run but sturdy too. You can also style these up with some unused ties!

2. Old jeans, new shorts!

Take your bottom wears to the next level with this hack:

We all have pairs of jeans we don’t use, but throwing them away isn’t the solution. Rather let’s revamp your style with some cute pair of shorts, simply by cutting them down a few inches! You can also get stylish by folding the edges for a neat look or have a messy look by leaving it frayed & loose.

3. Old jumpers, new covers!

If you can style up your wardrobe, why not style up your home too?

How you ask? With your old rompers and jumpers!

Upcycle your old rompers & jumpers into cushion covers. Fluffy old jumpers can give the oh-so-cozy look to your home! Embellish them up with some cute buttons and zips from your other unused clothes and your home has a whole new look!

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