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Store it Better!

Are you looking to build your dream storage? Are you on an organizing spree? Or have you simply got the infamous “tidying-up” day? Or the need to clean up is kicking in?

We all have been there!

But what if we turn your organizing time into some sustainability fun?

Here are 4 exciting DIYs for you to store better:

1. Shoe Boxes to Storage Boxes:

Got some old shoe boxes that you don’t use!? So why not turn it into useful storage!

Shoe boxes are designed to be spacious and easy to fit anywhere.

Add your own DIY touch by painting and labelling them over and store away your stationary, jewellery, crafts, beauty products, or personal care products.

2. Wooden Crates to Storage Units:

We all have gotten wooden crates from our fruits, vegetable, or beverage purchases. But have you ever thought of turning them into accessible organizers?

Such crates are sturdy, easy to stack with goodies and let’s face it, they had a certain vintage aesthetic to your storage space.

Wooden crates are best to store your cozy blankets, stack up books, or arrange soft toys/ education toys in.

3. Glass Jars to Storage Jars:

One of our personal favorites and the cutest DIY to do!

We have glass jars everywhere, from your favorite cooking oils to store-bought sauces and dips.

But did you know, they can be repurposed into the coolest jars, simply by rinsing and recycling them?

Store away your pulses, legumes, condiments, pickles, nuts and whatnot in the most stylish way with these glass jars.

It gets better! When you choose to store in glass jars, you say a big no-no to plastic storage containers and rather take the wonderful cause of upcycling and saving the environment.

  1. Tin Cans to Storage Cans:

From your favorite English beans to sweet corn, to pre-packed tomato puree or milk, tin cans are what you get your hands on!

But we often tend to throw these tin cans out after being satiated!

So why not turn these oh-so-convenient tin cans into versatile pen holders, or perhaps paintbrush or make-up brush organizer?

Tin cans are not only handy but also can be juggled around to create systematically organized storage anywhere in your home.

Being organized is essential for your mind, body, and soul. Such organizational creativity not only leads to boosting your productivity but also helps bring you one step closer to a greener tomorrow!

By bettering your storage, you’re indeed bettering your future.

Also, folks, being organized is indeed the in-thing.

So grab your cleaning hats and get organized

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