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Shop it or Thrift it?

They help us stay in vogue.

They help us set a style statement.

They help us to be sustainable and earth-loving all the way!

Yes folks, we’re talking about ethical labels.

The canvas of fashion is rather so vibrant and vast, that choosing to adore the sustainable choice can be tricky!

If you’re walking the sustainability path, there are many questions. What is the source of fabric? Is it recyclable? Is it cruelty-free? Who made these products? What’re their working conditions like? How is the brand giving back to the environment? Will it just fill up landfills?

Challenging right? But honestly, the only question you need to ask yourself is how ready & excited are you to make such a sustainable style choice!?

If you also yelled out an enthusiastic YES, then let’s understand: To shop or To Thrift?

Today, we have slow ethical brands, and then we have do-good thrift shops.

So which one is better?

When you’re trying to make an eco-friendly preference, ethical brands with new styles are your go-to option but don’t forget with thrifting, you can admire unique & vintage ensembles in your looks.

While ethical and slow fashion brands use eco-conscious fabrics, support zero-wastage, promote ethical business practices and cut out landfills, thrifting your wardrobe also helps you go sustainable by cutting down on water & chemical pollution, lowers your carbon footprint, and encourages slow fashion as a concept.

When you purchase from ethical labels, you support their recycling programs, take-back programs, or plant-a-tree initiatives, while purchasing from thrift shops, on the other hand, helps you to take recycling cause ahead by redesigning & restyling old clothes in a new way.

Thrifting can be a pocket-friendly option with extremely elegant garments, buying from ethical labels can be a one-time investment for a greener & cleaner future.

Let’s face it like every story has two sides, each option has its pros and cons.

From fabrics to fashion, it’s really about our lifestyle choices, likes, and dislikes. As consumers & earth heroes of tomorrow, we need to learn to buy better by buying right!

The next time we wish to make a fashion purchase, let’s plan to make it sustainable & ethical which is good for you and for the environment!

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