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Revolutionise Recycling with Wishcare

If you think you knew to recycle, think again!

Recycling is rather an energetic concept when done right, can do miracles for our future and environment.

So what is recycling? And why are so many top brands fusing in with this earth-loving concept?

Recycling is the wonderful process of reverting wasted or unused materials into usable and new materials instead of sending em’ off to them landfills! Often also categorised as saving energy, recycling is vast in nature. Recycling can also be understood as collecting, processing, transforming, and marketing such renewable energy, elements, and products. Green at its heart, recycling simply makes the best out of waste!

In today’s well-informed era, brands out there are truly stepping up their game. Perhaps, as a part of their CSR initiatives, many brands have programs such as ‘Take Back’ “Give back” or ‘Carton-Free’ Such initiatives are nothing but recycling efforts by brands towards our beloved Mother Earth.

One such exemplary program is by the brand Wishcare.

Wishcare is a brand bringing skincare and personal care products with a sustainability edge. With its tagline, “You wish, we care”, Wishcare with its eco-friendly range of products aims to bring the best of clean, natural, and safe beauty to bless us all with the happiest & healthiest skin.

If you already aren’t a fan, let’s skip to the good part!

Wishcare is one of those noble brands which gives us all an empties return program!

How cool is that? Let’s understand better.

We use so many products in our daily lives, amongst which commonly found packaging materials are plastic packaging, which is all the bad for our environment.

So what if you could replace your bottles with greener packaging as well as recycle them?

Here’s where Wishcare’s program comes into play. All you need to do is collect 3 or more products by Wishcare, fill up a form on their website, and wait for the recycling process to begin!

But wait it gets better! Wishcare’s empties return actually pays you to take up this program!

For every return, you earn cashback and exclusive incentives from Wishcare.

Here’s more, Wishcare also is believed to support the underprivileged with the power of knowledge.

Clean ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic, responsible, and effective products, Wishcare is the whole package!

Seriously, what else do we need!?

So have you found your new skincare brand? We sure did!

So go ahead, let your skincare routine empower your tomorrow with Wishcare.

Click here to visit them!

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