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Recycle It!

Recycling, Reusing, & Reducing. Such amazing concepts but we often tend to forget them!

Perhaps, because these are buzzwords which are totally hyped but undervalued by nature.

So what is recycling and how can you simplify recycling?

Simply put, recycling is all the wonderful ways you can breathe new life into waste materials.

Recycling begins from collecting such materials to recycling to processing them into renewed and reusable materials.

Now when we think of recycling materials, we typically think of wood, iron, steel, aluminium, glasses, or paper.

But did you know that you could take the ethical action of recycling at home and have some sustainability fun too!?

So here we have it, 3 creative ways you can recycle at home:

1. Plastic Bags:

We all have it and unfortunately, we all use it, and although they’re a big no-no there are many ways you can recycle your plastic bags.

  • Reuse them as garbage bags. Plastic bags can be great substitutes for garbage bags. You not only end up recycling but also save up rather than spending on garbage bags.

  • Reuse plastic bags to package fragile items. We have so many fragile items at home which need protection, so why not recycle waste plastic as a protector!? Innovation & recycling at their best!

2. Aluminium Foil:

Aluminium foil is a standard in any household. Sadly, we all use it once and throw it away but you can now reuse your foils in a better way:

  • Your plants need light to grow and your used foils need a new use why not turn your foils into a reflector? All you need to do is place your used foils behind your plants in the shade to reflect light on them.

  • We all have jewellery at home, which needs constant polishing & cleaning. Here’s where your used foils come to the rescue! Simply, line a dish with your used foil, add hot water and one tablespoon of baking soda or laundry powder to mix together. Swirl your jewellery in this mixture for 1-2 minutes and then air dry! Voila, recycled foil and renewed jewellery too!

3. Wine Corks:

This one’s a favourite for all wine enthusiasts!

Wine corks are little caps that can be turned into so many creative things! It’s uncanny!

  • Take your fridge magnet game up. Also known as cork magnets, all you need is to paint over your corks and stick magnets over them. There you have it, cute and upcycled fridge magnets. Cork magnets make a great art piece and bring a little DIY to your routine too!

  • A go-to material to shine your mirrors. Newspapers are wonderful cleaners that can fight any stains on your glass tables, mirrors, and windows. This hack will not only help you recycle newspapers but also save up on cleaning rags too!

  • Add a vintage touch to your gifts. Old newspapers are witty their vibrancy and black & white effect can be such great gift wrappers. In this way, you recycle old newspapers as well as get to ditch those plastic or one-time-use papers!

Charity begins at home and let’s remember you one small action toward the environment can make a big difference!

So go ahead, get creative, get recycling!

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