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Myth vs Facts: Eco-friendliness

The “Sustainable” way of living has been trending for quite some time now, perhaps from many known faces to many unknown faces doing their bit to make the earth a better place. From solar panels to recycling and mind-blowing initiatives, everyone’s doing their bit!

Walking the extra mile, we totally admire Aamir Khan’s Paani Foundation which helps in drought prevention & watershed management and Alia Bhatt’s ‘Coexist’ initiative which educates us on underwater pollution & inspires us to bring a humble balance between nature & life!

Although wonderful steps, such initiatives require the right research & information and sadly, there are way too many misconceptions & myths out there.

So if you wish to walk the sustainability path and go green, we’ve some myths busted for you:

1. Myth: Sustainable & Green foods are unaffordable & inaccessible to all.

Fact: Absolutely untrue! Did you know if you step into your kitchen now you can spot at least 5 green superfoods!? A fine example of green foods are Millets! Millets are the super green, super affordable food, which is found easily in an Indian Household. Millets are a rain-fed crop, so they require less water & no pesticides to harvest. Millets are easily available at small grocers & local stores too at pocket-friendly prices. Clean for you & your budget too!

2. Myth: Veganism is your new diet.

Fact: No! Veganism although a healthy choice can be challenging to follow. Many folks can’t adopt veganism due to health reasons, habits, or their conditioning and that’s totally okay! But it shouldn’t stop you from going green and making the right choice. Simply take your baby bay steps in your own ways.

3. Myth: Sustainable living has to be expensive.

Fact: Probably one of the finest myths we could bust, but sustainable living doesn’t only mean investing in eco-friendly products. Even scanning your purchases and purchasing less is a way of green living. Purchasing less and mindfully helps save the planet, decrease consumerism and let’s face it, saves the big bucks too! Even while making purchases, there are tons of brands out there, that are sustainable and affordable.

Here are some reccos: (Hyperlink any past brand recommendation blog here)

4. Myth: Sustainable Fashion is dull & yesterday.

Fact: On the contrary, sustainable fashion is hip & happening! Firstly, the creativity with sustainable materials is uncanny. We’ve got pineapple leather, bamboo fibres, hemp cotton, and whatnot! Secondly, such garments are planet positive and designed to be timeless, literally! A sustainable style statement is in!


Myth: Sustainable living is all about the environment.

Fact: Truthfully, it’s all about the planet & its people! A sustainable lifestyle does include recycling, reusing, and going green but it’s also about planet Earth and its future generations. Sustainable living is also about saving for humanity by saving the planet. As we all know, there’s no Planet B!

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