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Let’s talk men's fashion!

Let’s face it. Whenever we think of ‘sustainable fashion’ why do we only end up associating it with women’s fashion? It’s true that sustainable fashion is a boss babe movement empowered with outstanding creativity but let’s not forget men equally care about shopping sustainably.

It’s crazy to assume that care for our environment, sustainability, & eco-friendliness has a gender definition.

Yes, men-led sustainability movements do exist even in the fashion industry and yes, they’re equally amazing!

Here are a few examples to mesmerise you:

Starting from our ‘Titanic’ star Leonardo Dicaprio joined hands with Dr Jane Godall to launch a vegan clothing line named “Don’t let them disappear” which aimed at saving primates & raising awareness about these species. The uniquely named brand carried a collection honouring gibbons, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans.

Another excellent example of making a sustainable fashion statement is Micheal Fassbender, who oh-so-boldly wore an eco-friendly Giorgio Armani suit to the BAFTA awards in 2012.

Later in 2016, Micheal also supported the Green Carpet Challenge by adorning a Tom Ford tuxedo made out of

What’s that you ask?

Oeko-Tex is a European spun wool which has a low environmental impact, being free of harmful & toxic substances.

The motivation to go sustainable is truly unlimited!

So how can you take a step toward sustainability & make better fashion choices?

Check out these 5 top brands which are truly earth & fashion-loving:

  1. Soham Dave

  2. Doodlage

  3. Doh Tak Keh

  4. 11:11

  5. B label by Bohecio

Very much like fashion, even sustainability is gender-neutral & a wonderful cause to make.

So make some space in your closet for clean consumption & change up the way you dapper!

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