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Let’s talk about sustainable fashion.

In recent times, sustainable fashion has become a popular and trendy concept. From small homegrown brands to big designers, we can see such profound creativity around us.

Talking about Lakme fashion week’s ‘Sustainability Day’ celebrated on 24th March 2022 in association with Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) which showcased big designers like Satya Paul bringing on the ‘smart R-Elan fabric’ and Payal Pratap introducing the concepts of Fluid Bemberg fabric with extraordinary digital prints and patterns. Pieux; a luxury eco-friendly brand won the circular design challenge 2022; an initiative supporting new design solutions.

Truly, sustainability in the fashion industry is growing! With such growth, we must be careful in understanding which brands are ‘sustainable’ in the true sense.

So how can you recognize sustainable fashion brands which are making keeping their promises, caring for the environment, as well as making the world a better and happier place, one ensemble at a time?

To differentiate and understand better, you need to ask yourself a few things:

What’re my clothes made of?

When making a fashion choice, the fabric is the first thing one check. Naturally, when supporting sustainable fashion, you need to check if the brand uses sustainable fabrics such as linen, bamboo, hemp, or wool. Itshemp, is an online aggregator of all hemp products available across India with impressive options of clothing, skincare products, oils etc.

We’re even noticing amazing innovation in the leather industry with awesome options such as pineapple leather and leaf leather!

What is the brand saying?

The brand label says it all! The most helpful cues to check for the product and brand information such as ‘cruelty-free ‘eco–friendly’ ‘vegan’ ‘ethical’ and ‘conscious’. Such labels provide you with the right information to make the right choice as well as imply that neither the products are tested on animals, cause any harm to the environment, or use any animal ingredients. Disguise Cosmetics, Kiro Clean Beauty, Just Herbs, and Plum are the few famous Indian brands setting new remarkable benchmarks by providing 100% vegan beauty products.

What do the brand’s policies and initiatives?

Don’t get misled by words like ‘clean’ and green. A brand’s language can be tricky and here’s where its vision, mission, and policies come in play.

Here’s where you need to put on your FBI hats and research. Before making a purchase, read about their initiatives, programs, and CSR efforts towards the environment and sustainability, their workforce, trade practices etc. Read up on their blog section, founders, about us, and social media to know better and learn better!

Sustainability is only here to grow more and more, we truly believe everyone should make the right eco-friendly choice today to have a blooming and happier tomorrow.

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