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Let's greenify your bath time!

Very often when we think about ‘going green’ we only focus on picking up eco-friendly shopping bags, planting a new tree, or simply not littering. While all of these are wonderful initiatives, we lose focus on greener our everyday essentials can be!

Everyday essentials are what make our routine and lifestyle choices. Your everyday essentials are the small factors leading to the big impact from your environment to your health, body, and so much more!

So why not greenify your everyday essentials like your bath essentials to make the big health impacts which is the need of the hour!?

Now we’re not talking about simple swaps but making greener and thoroughly thought out choices that sustain and amaze!

What’s that you ask?

Here are some mind-blowing suggestions to go green into your bath-time:

  1. Fix your fixtures: Our bathroom is a house of electricity, water, and possible gas from heaters so what if we said you could go green with such fixtures and save up! Yes, instead of the conventional blubs switch up to LED bulbs which not only have an 80-90% efficiency but also save you the big bucks. Let’s also agree that LED bulbs can create the perfect lighting from a vintage look to spotlights for mirrors.

Moving on from bulbs, did you know you could go green with countertop fixtures!?

Surprised right? But think about this instead of opting for the harmful MDF and acrylic cabinets and doors, you could use natural and sustainable materials such as glass, wood, or marble?! Such materials are non-polluting and can be recycled to their last bits.

  1. DIY it: Did you know you could DIY your bathroom cleaners body cleansers and so much more with simple ingredients at home? A simple solution of lemon juice mixed with vinegar, baking soda, and hot water is the perfect bathroom cleaner. Another classic example to DIY your body wash is a simple and powerful concoction of coconut milk with your essential oils, glycerine, and a hit of Castile oil mix.

Such DIY natural toiletries are so eco-friendly and nourishing for you that it's uncanny. Not only do you ditch the useless chemicals from your body but you save the mother earth from the landfills of harmful plastic packaging, bottles, containers, labels, and much more!

  1. Choose sustainable essentials: A very important and rather misunderstood point but we're here to break the myth for you! Your bath time essentials can be eco-friendly as well as affordable. Starting from your toothbrushes to towels to even your toilet paper!

Especially with the innovation of bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo toilet rolls, organic cotton towels, and bamboo facial tissues, you can greenfiy so much!!

Even for all the ladies out there, we have so many options to go eco-friendly on ‘those days of the month’; eco-friendly biodegradable pads to washable cloth pads to organic menstrual cups, the sky is the limit!

Such essentials lead you to make the right lifestyle choice which is the happy choice for your environment too!

Choose green. Live green. (in your bath time too because let’s remember charity begins at home!)

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