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Let's Get Recyclin'

Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! We’ve got fashion here, fashion there, we’ve got fashion everywhere!

Fashion is ever-evolving, styles are ever-changing and along with such styles sadly, our once-upon-a-time beloved new clothes become the boring old attires of today!

It would interest you to know that, in India, a whopping 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away with an average of 60% of consumers throwing away their most adored clothes in their first year of purchase!

Perhaps, one of the biggest reasons for such wastage is fast fashion and newer trends coming onto us every single day, dramatizing fashion and how!

The end result? More and more landfills, greenhouse emissions, and air & water pollution!

The future? If our consumption continues to be the same, by the year 2050, over 150 million tonnes of clothing waste will clog up our landfills and our chance of a cleaner & greener future too!

So what can you do about this?

Get recycling your wardrobe!


Here’s the scoop:

1. Make nostalgia: We all have our favorite cartoon/TV shows/musician t-shirts! But sadly, after the trend is gone, so is the tee! But you can make it evergreen, by cutting your T-shirt and framing your beloved part. And voila, you’ve got nostalgia and saved the environment too!

2. Liven up with Tie-Dye: Tie-dye is a fun & unique print that can add a touch of brightness to any fabric or clothing! But did you know you could upcycle your old clothes and give them an entirely new style with tie-dye that even at home? Simply grab some organic colors and your old clothes and get creative! The best part? The possibilities and vibrancy are endless with tie-dye. Sounds like fashion magic indeed!

3. Show off your hair: We’ve all got some old dresses or shirts we’re so done with! So how about turning those into some cool & hip hair accessories? With endless options, you can DIY some trendy hair ties, hair bands, and rubber bands to match your new style. And also, Let’s not forget, can we ever have enough hair accessories!?

Charity begins at home and we’re here to save your future and make it exciting for you! Try these quirky and amazing ways to upcycle your clothes and shine like a fashionista!

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