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Go vocal for local!

It was the day a new challenge of covid-19 took upon us, where our honourable

PM Mr Modi courageously raised the statement to go #VocalforLocal in the year 2020 but when we actually connect the dots, do we realise that #vocalforlocal is just a simple extension of ‘The Swadeshi Movement’ by Mahatma Gandhi and how can we forget the “Make in India’’ initiative!?

Yes, we all understand the global brand craze and emergence of newer trends as the next big thing!

But have you ever explored the creativity of local brands? We’re sure there’s a lot for you to decode! And if those aren’t enough reasons for you, read on:

#SupportSmallSupportLocal: In a country like India, which is so diverse and oh-so-cultural in every aspect, small to medium size businesses are like the backbone of our economy. From street vendors to local retail/ wholesale shops to startups to flea bazaars, the Indian economy has all modes and mediums.

Local brands carry so much potential; starting from fashion to accessories to lifestyle and more, there’s so much innovation, vibrancy, and authenticity, it’s surreal!

Local brands are also pocket-friendly, as they cost 40% less as compared to global brands.

Local brands are so uniquely luxe in their own way! How do you ask? Look at it like this, local businesses support and promote their local specialisation and create a niche of one powerful product for themselves. Bringing out the regional essence, when you shop the local speciality, you shop the local uniqueness and skills of that region.

One of the other main aspects, local businesses support the small-time skilled artisans and craftsmen to a whole new level! All thanks to local businesses, today, we are aware of unknown arts and crafts, unique fabrics, prints, styles, embroidery, and even how to make the best of waste!

Remember, supporting small isn’t only a wonderful cause but also such a vogue!

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