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Go Green (At Work)

Often when we hear the words “go green” or “choose green”, we happen to think of recycling, upcycling, ditching them’ plastic bags or planting more trees.

But why do we only consider ‘going green’ at our personal time and not professional time!? The concepts of going green and sustainability can be applied anywhere & everywhere! Especially, when it comes to your workplace with so many benefits!

Let us paint you a picture.

Currently, 42% of India’s population consists of working professionals, further which is expected to grow. If each working professional took those tiny green steps, it is sure to create the big bang green effect!

Regardless of any job you have, there are so many ways you can go green at work and be more earth-friendly.

Wish to know more? Here are 4 easy-peasy ways to go green at work:

1. Go Paperless: We all are in a digital era today! One of the healthiest ways to go green at work is to store your important docs or files digitally, you not only save paper but save up on storage & office space. Another benefit of storing docs digitally is you tend to review & read docs digitally, leading to less printing and paper wastage!

2. Go Zero-Waste: We spend most of our time at work, where we tend to generate so much waste, but did you know you could cut out waste by choosing simple alternatives? Ditch those plastic cups for a personal touch of mugs & reusable glass water bottles or steel bottles. Choose to use fancy cutlery & silverware for the lunch hour rather than disposable plastics. Fun & eco-friendly at the same time!

3. Go Save Energy: Any workplace needs to be well lit & ventilated, but this needn’t necessarily come via electricity. An ideal way you can choose to go green at work is by switching off those lights and getting some natural light. Natural light & air is known to double productivity, keep you fresh, & save energy too. So open those windows and get going.

4. Go Public Transport: Probably one of the underrated thoughts, but using public transport to work helps you cut down your carbon footprint as well as so many types of pollution!

Consider taking the bus/train or carpooling to work. Another added benefit is you save up so much time and money.

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