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Glam up Green!

We’ve all heard them buzzing words in today’s skincare and beauty world.

From “vegan” “clean” “organic” & “safe”, it’s all out there, but how much do we know the real meaning of them? More importantly, why and how should it matter to you?

Let’s talk science!

Clean beauty is a broad spectrum with many definitions, but real clean beauty can be defined as safe for you and for your planet. Essentially, these include any beauty or skincare products that are made of non-toxic ingredients as a base and activated by plant-based ingredients for results.

Very much like clean, “sustainable” & “green” products go hand-in-hand in the beauty world. A product can truly be defined as “sustainable” or “green”, when its entire product life cycle, from the insides of the product that is the ingredients and formulations to the outsides which is its packaging, manufacturing, etc are healthy and not harmful to the planet.

So how can you make the switch to clean beauty products?

If you’re an eco-friendly buff like we are then it’s your chance to put on your research caps!

To truly adapt to a clean & green skincare routine, you gotta start reading.

Next time you reach out for that moisturizer or new sunscreen, read your labels and read up about the company and its processes, mission, visions, and value statements.

Another fact to watch out would “greenwashing”. Many brands today, use certain harmful ingredients and use some healthy ones but paint the product all green. Perhaps, many companies don’t even showcase their entire ingredients list!

It all boils down to you, searching well and making the right choice!

So now you must be wondering how?

Here are our favorite brands which are healthy for you and for our environment:

1. Vaunt Skincare

2. Nature’s Tattva

3. Vilvah

4. FAE Beauty 5. Bare Necessities

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