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Get plumper lips, organically!

Beauty Pop quiz! What makes your lips feel moisturised, healthier, and happier?

Yes folks, we’re talking about the cult-favourite: LIP BALMS!

Lip balms aren’t only to shine or gloss your lips, they serve a very essential purpose of hydrating and protecting our lips. You can use them as a primer before applying your lipstick as well!

Lip balms are great but what if we said you can use a lip balm which is not only good for you but for the planet too?

Yes folks, although great for your lips, the common drugstore lip balms can be harmful for our environment & you. They have plastic packaging and are made of synthetic, artificial colouring agents. Also, These over-the-counter lip balms use harmful petrochemicals to give you the sweet smell and lustrous look which may not be good for either you or mother nature.

Such lip balms just reverse your purpose of using lip balms! Lip balms are meant to protect your lips not further damage it right?

So what’s the solution? Do organic lip balms ring a bell?

They’re Lip loving and how! Organic lip balms are made of yummy organic ingredients such as beeswax, and cocoa butter nourished & scented with natural oils and moisturizing your lips vibrantly with natural colours of beetroot and tangerines.

Make your lips plumper & juicier with these organic lip balms:

1. Earth Rhythm’s Lip Butter & Tinted Lippies

2. Ruby’s Organic Lip Crème Sorbet

3. Juicy Chemistry Lip Balm

4. Forest essentials Luscious Lip

5. Plum Candy Melts Vegan Lip Balm

So next time when someone asks you what’s in your bag?

Your answer should be an organic, earth-loving lip balm!

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