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Eco-friendly Jewellery in India!

We all have heard of it: Eco-friendly products, eco-friendly brands, eco-friendly services, eco-friendly drives, and whatnot!

But thanks to newer processes, advancements in eco-friendliness, discovering new reusable & recyclable materials, and the great masterminds out there, we have been blessed with eco-friendly jewellery too!

Think about it folks, how cool would it be if your fashion choices could style you up as well as do good for our Mother Earth!?

Now you must be wondering, if eco-friendly jewellery may not have that stylish and trendy?!

Well, folks here’s where we would like to correct you!

Eco-friendly jewellery is not only vogue but oh-so timeless! Perhaps let’s not forget eco-friendly jewellery brands support local artisans, promote rural creativity ahead, and the materials used in making such pieces are recycled or sourced with authenticity and ethically.

What’s more you ask!?

Such brands with clean practices have greener practices such as zero waste programs, eco-friendly packaging, and plant-a-tree initiatives integrated into their business model.

What else could we ask for!?

Timeless, Earth-Loving, & Fashionable jewellery that style you up and do good for our tomorrow!

Now that you’ve already been dazzled to make the switch, let us help you with your next adornment purchase with our top 3 brands:

1. Baka Jewellery: Crafted with clean materials, skilled artisans, & thoughtful design, each piece at Baka is a testament of contemporary with sustainability. Founded with the cutest concept of an ‘’emotionally durable’’ design, jewellery from Baka is rather an evergreen gift that carries forward eco-friendliness and love to the coming generations. We are in absolute awe of their bamboo collection.

2. De’Anma Jewellery: With minimalism and simplicity at its core, De’Anma is a brand designing statement pieces rather than jewellery which makes you stand out all day, every day! What makes De’Anma so beautiful also is each of their collection is designed by local artisans using traditional & modern methods. With uniqueness & eccentricity, we adore their The Perfect Misfit collection.

3. Creyons Jewellery: If you’re an antique jewellery lover, this one is for you! Creyons, which started as a small Instagram shop is today loved by many celebrities. A paradise of brass jewellery polished with a coat of German Silver so each piece becomes timeless and tarnish-free. With variety & diversity, we love their ring collection to amp up all your looks!

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