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Eat healthier with these 10 vegan brands!

We’re truly in a food revolution today with the rise of veganism, clean eating, keto-friendly and whatnot!

In recent times, there’s a lot of popularity on “veganism” & “clean eating” in Europe, the United States, Singapore, & Germany, but did you know India is one of the first countries to conceptualize & popularize such concepts!?

Veganism rather than a diet is an ideology or way of life which excludes all animal-derived products & materials from one’s lifestyle. A lifestyle that avoids all animal products; the obvious ones being meat, eggs, and dairy and the unpopular ones such as honey and dark chocolate too!

The Indian land of meat tikkas, kabobs, & cutlets is slowly changing up to plant-based alternatives, lean-bean meat, & the oh-so-popular soy products!

With so many options out there, you’re bound to get befuddled, so here is your cheat sheet into the top 10 vegan brands in India for you to make the right choice;

1. Imagine Meats: Ready to eat & so healthy, imagine Meats is a plant-based company offering it all, from biryani to burger patties, to kebabs!

2. PlantMade: A food-tech startup at heart, PlantMade offers a variety of food options, which taste like real meat, look like real meat but are made from healthy plants! Our faves include the vegan chai masala, vegetarian egg, and vegan turmeric milk.

3. Good Dot: Founded by 2 brothers and a friend, GoodDot plant-based meat company which makes delicious delicacies with a shelf life of 1 year. Their bestsellers include Veg Briyani, Kheema, & Prepared Indian Curries. Delicious & Travel-friendly!

4. Vezlay: With all things soy-based, Vezlay is a Delhi based company blessing us with food options with textures & taste similar to meat products.

5. One Good: As the name says it, Good Mylk is brand nourishes you with plant-based milk and milk based products. They have it all, from curd, cheese, spreads, and even ghee!

6. Hello Tempeh: Taking soy products to a whole new level, Hellow Tempeh is a food company with unique soy products such as Soy Bean cubes & Marinated Bean cubes with a variety of flavours such as peri peri, tawa masala, & Peppery Szechuan Chilli to treat your tastebuds!

7. Mister Veg: With outstanding creativity in mock-meat, Mister Veg is changing up the market with its unique innovations such as plant based meat & seafood options. Indulge in some Pomfret and salmon vegan fish guilt-free.

8. Veggie Champ: One of the pioneers of vegan meat in India, Veggie champ is a brand founded under the company “Ahminsa Food” providing high-quality mock meat. Their range consists of Fillet Meat, Shami Kebabs, Drumsticks, Veggies Hotdogs, & Sausages.

9. Greenest Foods: Up your protein game, the vegan way with Greenest Foods! Greenest Foods whippes plant-based meat that is healthy for you and your environment too! Their products range from the tastiest kebabs and juicy kheemas.

10. Wakao Foods: Move over from soys & beans to the new meat in town: Jackfruit! A rising substitute, here we have Wakao Food, A start-up rooted in goa, experimenting and tantalizing our palates with Jack fruit-based foods! We’re in awe of the pulled jack in various flavours.

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