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Clean up your skincare routine!

Have you always craved that crystal clear skin while being confused about what is clean & what’s not? Not sure about your labels & ingredients?

Yes, we understand!! There’s so much buzz around words like ‘’organic’’ ‘’natural’’ ‘’eco-friendly’’ or the ever-so-popular ‘‘clean beauty’’ etc. Isn’t an ordinary layman like you & me bound to get confused?

Are we genuinely shopping clean or falling prey to marketing techniques?

Firstly let’s decode what is ‘’clean beauty’’?

After reading ‘’clean beauty’’, you must have thought of expensive serums, luxury moisturisers gua-sha stones, ice-rollers, and whatnot!

Sorry folks, but we’re here to break the myth for you!

Clean beauty is far more broad & beautiful in nature than all these stereotypes! Clean beauty for us is defined by earth-loving ingredients and transparent labels. Let’s face it if a product is clean then it doesn’t need to have a set of puzzling contents and confusing claims!?

Clean beauty is any product that is safe for you, safe for your environment, and safe for your skin & body. Clean beauty is clear of parabens, toxins, fragrances, aluminium compounds, refined petroleum, formaldehyde, and all those bad beauty ingredients which are general greenwashed!

But keep in mind…

Clean beauty is simple but it doesn’t mean it is 100% natural & perfect. Yes, it is a man-made concept and undoubtedly will contain certain preservatives & additives but such beauty is synonymous with non-toxic. Simply put, if you have a daily skincare routine, then why not make it as much as toxin-free as possible?

How is that possible?

Here’s a clean skincare routine for you to take the clean beauty movement ahead:

  1. Neemli Naturals Face Wash: One of our favs, this cleanser is a must-have to get all the natural benefits of tea tree as well as keep acne at bay with salicylic acid. What’s more? Neemli Naturals is a cruelty-free, vegan, & homegrown brand that believes in sustainability all the way!

  2. The Minimalist Toners: Lightweight, Refreshing, Accurate! The minimalist is a dream come true for all skincare freaks out there wishing to experience clean chemicals. What should we say about the toner!? With 3% PHA, this toner is formulated in goodness from Switzerland & Germany to bring the best of chemical exfoliation & results to you!

  3. Pulp Serums: So unique & eye-striking, pulp carries a range of serums & products made of superfood elements that are super effective. What caught our attention was the concept of skincare being stress-free & targeted to concerns such as their ‘ex-acne’ serum or ‘date-night’ serum. We are in total awe of their packaging with bright colours & creative names.

  4. Conscious Chemist Moisturizers: As we all know moisturizers are a no-miss product which keep your skin hydrated & fresh all day long. So why not make it performance & science-backed? Here’s a brand proudly claiming to have chemicals in their products but in the right way! Our absolutely loved product is Multi Hyaluronic Gel. Vegan, dermat-tested, & fragrance-free, this moisturiser is gender-neutral & good for all skin types! How cool is that?

  5. Plum Face Oils: This one’s a skin juice that glows up you & your environment too! The Grape seed and Sea Buck Face Oil is 100% vegan & paraben free enriched with 10 natural oils to give you that glow! What makes plum even more amazing is that 1% of their proceeds go towards planet care and all their packaging is recyclable under the outstanding initiative of #empties4good. Need we say more!?

Clean beauty if done right can do wonders for the environment & for you, so take your skincare routine to the next level with these clean & oh-so-lean products!

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