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Cars that lead the way!

Welcome yourself to the new age of mobility, as electric cars are the next big thing!!

While the 20th century was fuel-powered, today’s 21st century is electrically empowered with e-scooters, e-bikes, & electric vehicles as a mode to drive greener & cleaner. EVs are becoming the popular choice of the current generation all thanks to being eco-friendly & pocket friendly.

Did you know the sales of electric vehicles saw a three-fold jump with 2-wheeler electric vehicles? According to one reports so far in 2022, sales of EV scooters stands at a whopping 231,000 units. Leading the electric vehicle segment further, in the year 2021-2022, the total sales of EVs touched 4,29,217 units in India.

Isn’t this impressive for a developing country like ours!?

Even our government is no way behind! after the beautiful success of phase 1 of EV buses, the best is now on the path to adding 2100 EV buses to its fleet. The end goal is to go 50% electric by 2023!

Fascinating right?

But do you know where all of it began for us proud Indians?

The EVs were first seen in 1996 in India. Named ‘’Vikram Safa’’, the three-wheeled vehicle was invented by Scooter's India Pvt Ltd and approximately 400 units of these were made and sold that year! Fast-forwarding to the 2000s, Chetan Maini also known as the founder of the first electric car in India, launched REVA, a small electric car which was created and innovated in Bangalore.

Initially, the popularity of EVs had not caught the trend due to the lack of awareness, low speed, & short range.

But now the rise in awareness, affordability, better performance, incredible innovation, & hopeful impacts on the environment have led to consumers to make the right choice of EVs.

If you also wish to make the switch, here’s a list of happy reccos for you to check out & drive sustainably:

  1. Tata Tigor EV

  2. Tata Nexon EV

  3. Kia EV6

  4. BMW i4

More options? Here’s a list of upcoming EV cars for you to watch out for:

  1. Renault K-ZE EV

  2. Tata Punch EV

  3. Hyundai Ioniq 5

  4. Mahindra eKUV 100

Let’s pledge to drive clean, drive green!

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