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Bust your vegan myths!

When you hear the word ‘veganism’, we’re sure you must think gluten-free, tofu, dairy-free, and what not!

But hold on folks! Veganism goes way beyond just a diet or your eating habits, veganism is a lifestyle choice, it’s a soul-touching change you can bring about!

Now you must be wondering how.? Simply put, veganism as a choice is staying away from such processes or products that harm or hurt other living beings or things. Naturally, this does include a big no-no to consuming animal products but doesn’t limit it to that, let’s not forget veganism also requires your heart and soul in other areas such as your fashion, style, skin, makeup, and even footwear choices.

Surprised right? We were too when our myths got busted!

Wish to know more? Let’s bust some more myths for all our vegan lovers:

  1. Myth: Veganism is boring.

Truth: This one’s our favourite to bust! With its rising popularity, the oh-so-delicious alternatives and options around veganism are unfathomable. There are vegan alternatives out there, which are equally yummy and healthy. You got vegan ice cream made from rich almond milk or creamy cashew butter and silken tofu, and don’t even get us started on the crazy creativity around vegan shoes or earth-loving fashion styles. We’d say veganism is rather magic!

  1. Myth: Vegans don’t get enough proteins or minerals or vitamins.

Truth: This one’s worth a laugh or two! On the contrary, a plant-based diet such as vegans are naturally blessed with sufficient nutrients all thanks to their eating habits. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, micro greens, lentils, and beans are superheroes of minerals & vitamins.

  1. Myth: Soy Milk is the only alternative.

Truth: So untrue!! Yes, veganism is saying goodbye to cow milk but mind you, soy milk isn’t the only alternative. There are many more healthier & yummier alternatives to soy milk too such as:

  • Almond Milk

  • Oats Milk

  • Cashew Milk

  • Coconut Milk

  1. Myth: Honey is vegan.

Truth: Probably one of the biggest myths we came across, but logically put, honey is a by-product of bees and as we all know veganism is a lifestyle choice which keeps all animal products at bay so yes, honey as a sweetener option isn’t vegan.

But here are some alternatives for you to hit the sweet spot:

  • Date syrup

  • Agave or Maple syrup

  • Coconut Sugar

As it is rightfully said, veganism is a way of life rather than just a diet choice and when done right veganism can not only do good for you but good for our beloved Mother Earth too!

So let’s get the veganism ball running for a brighter tomorrow.

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