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All about ethically made candles!

They’re aromatic. They’re pretty. They light up our lives!

Yes, we’re talking about Candles!

The ultimate home décor style statement, candles are those adorable mood-setters giving us the much-needed self-care vibes. Candles are so universal and beautiful. But sadly, each candle is not made equally or ethically.

Paraffin wax; the most commonly used wax is the big bad wolf of our candle story.

Candles made from paraffin wax contain carcinogens (cancer-causing compounds) like toxic benzene and toluene which are emitted from the burning black soot.

So, what is the goody-goody alternate? Ethically made candles from soy wax, beeswax, coconut wax, gel wax, or bayberry wax formed in happy wicks such as cotton, hemp, or wood wicks, handmade with love and natural essential oils, packaged in happier materials such as glass jars, honeycomb wraps, or corrugated boxes.

Sounds so exciting and refreshing right?

Here’s another plus point. Ethically made candles are not only sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable, dye-free and artificial fragrance-free but also keep the air around you cleaner and greener, making your home refreshed and illuminated!

Even after your candle is over, you can reuse the glass jar to store your knick-knacks! Honeycomb wraps are excellent protectors for fragile items such as cutlery, showpieces, and the small corrugated boxes can be recycled into pretty desktop pen holders!

Need we say more about why clean candles are a total win-win?

Here are some of the best organic brands for you to choose from:

  • OmVed Therapies – the selection is limited for soy candles but we love the products and the prices.

  • Ekam -Part of a legacy group, they vouch for their lead-free wicks ad most of their products come in pretty reusable jars. Try out their exotic fragrances like Royal Oudh, Temple bloom and Lime Mandarin. They even have a candle for your zodiac sign!

  • Amala Earth – Check out the handmade Soy candles from various brands like Bhoomi, Radliving, Thenga, green footprint etc. The coconut shell candles are a must-have!

  • Song of India candles – These eclectic candles are a blend of soy wax and coconut butter with fragrances ranging from Sage mint to Patchouli Vanilla, from Madurai Jasmine to Mysore Chandan. These handcrafted and hand-poured candles are available in Authentic glass jars.

  • Veeda candles-These paraben-free soy wax luxury candles come with cotton wicks and are bottled in jars made from crystal, mandala, dune Czech and Danube glasses. The fragrances are as exotic as the jars. Try the Bombay Orange Bourbon or the French Vermeil. Also, a must-try is their 3-wick candle in a mason tin box.

What goes into your candles eventually spreads into your house. So, with ethically made candles, you are clearly making the right choice. So go ahead grab some coffee, open that book, put up your feet, light up your candle and soak in the natural fragrance and feel the positive vibes!

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