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A look into Ed-a-mamma!

“Buy less. Choose Well. Make it Last.”

While wiser words of such kind couldn’t be said enough, sadly, we are all a work-in-progress when making the switch to sustainability.

Sustainability & Eco-friendliness is our present and future. So how should one make the switch that will last!?

Yes folks, with our lifestyle choices and preferences. As It’s rightfully said that life is all about the choices we make!

Now, we all have heard it, we all have seen it. We have eco-friendly products, services, alternatives, and what not!

But why have all of these eco-friendly choices been created for mature adults?

Have we ever wondered about the miracles we can create if we start teaching children to make sustainability and eco-friendliness?

How cool, right? Presenting to you Ed-a-mamma.

Founded by the oh-so-popular celebrity Alia Bhatt, Ed-a-mamma is an earth-loving kidswear fashion brand designing cool playwear for kids, while nurturing a love for nature into the next-gen!

With sustainability and eco-consciousness at every step, Ed-a-mamma’s adorable range of clothing is made from plant-based fabrics, and safe dyes, with thoughtful & happy aesthetics. Leaving no stone unturned, each and every button to pant nickel used are plastic and lead-free.

What’s more? The packaging at Ed-a-mamma is done in vibrant potlis or bags made from leftover fabrics while the brand tags are made from recyclable paper.

But that’s not all, Ed-a-mamma also carries a cute range of hair ties and hair bands which are made from extra fabrics.

Needless to say, Ed-a-mamma as a brand is not only setting new standards of eco-friendliness as a brand but also bringing our little munchkins closer to Mother Earth and a happier future!

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