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A look into Beco!

What goes around comes around, you may have heard this many times but here’s a set of people who took this thought to a new level.

While on a beach clean-up, the founders of Beco & a power Trio Aditya, Anuj, & Akshay, found a plastic orange wrapper from the 1990s, which had still not decayed in the 2000s.

Yes, the power trio were as shocked as you are! A small plastic wrapper from almost decades ago still existed in our environment!?

So now you can imagine the life journey of our currently used plastics, how unfortunately every plastic article we use will come back to us in the future!

With this very realization, Beco was born. A brand with eco-friendliness in and out, beco carries a range of products that are all things bamboo and natural!

Their mission & vision as a brand couldn’t be more unique than their product range. With a meaningful mission to provide the best alternative to single-use plastics & packaging, Beco is a brand wanting to support & drive a change in our lifestyle with eco-friendliness and sustainability while contributing to a greener & cleaner tomorrow.

Speaking about the product range, Beco is a brand with creativity & genuineness at its core!

From the personal care range, our favorites include eco-friendly cotton buds, sustainable bamboo tissues, and sustainable toothpicks. (That is the product name on the website, can’t change that)

What also caught our eye was, their bamboo toothbrushes with activated charcoal. A super unique product, its bristles are infused with charcoal for a deep cleaning effect as well as whitening properties!

How cool is that!

From the home care range, our favorites included a multi-use kitchen towel and to our surprise an eco-friendly parchment & wrap paper.

Indeed, the products at Beco has left us in awe!

So why bamboo?

With the trend of sustainability being high, bamboo is surely the next big thing because of its eco-friendly nature & sustainable nature.

Bamboo is not only the world’s strongest-growing grass but also versatile! Bamboo products can literally be shaped and made into anything from daily use essentials to home essentials, furniture, and even clothing!

Bamboo is also one of the strongest and durable materials with a lower carbon footprint in comparison with other wooden products.

And the best part? Bamboo products generate zero waste due to their biodegradable properties!

Now that we’ve given you enough reasons to make the switch, let’s change up your lifestyle & homes with Beco's plant-based home & personal care range.

Shop your heart out and empower your environment with Beco:

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