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9 Eco-friendly and beautiful wedding Ideas

We Indians are obsessed with weddings. Big, fat, and extravagant.

But behind the laughter and tears of a wedding scene, the enormity of these celebrations comes at a massive cost.

Mainly because of the large number of guests, the fact that these weddings last for 3 to 5 days, the use of disposable items, and the extravagant decorations and other special features that are often part of these celebrations.

An average Desi wedding generates about 300 kg's of plastic waste and 200 kg'ss of food waste.

Not only that, but this waste is often in the form of mixed garbage- wet food waste, foil, cutlery, and other waste, that cannot be separated to be reused or recycled.

Not only your money gets wasted, but the large amounts of waste leave a massive carbon footprint on the earth. It may seem too small to make a significant change in our environment, but the cumulative effect of all the weddings that take place over the course of a year greatly accelerates global warming and climate change.

Although weddings are considered wasteful in many ways. They can still be more beautiful and authentic if you choose green weddings / eco-friendly weddings.

Below are 9 ways you can make your wedding eco-friendly

1. Choose a venue that is environmentally conscious.

2. Consider using locally grown, organic and seasonal flowers for decorations.

3. Use biodegradable or recycled materials for invitations and other paper products.

4. Choose a caterer that uses locally sourced and organic ingredients.

5. Instead of lighting your entire event with electricity, utilize candles where possible to cut back on energy utilization and make it more romantic. And if necessary use LED or other energy-efficient lighting to reduce energy consumption.

6. Make sure you and your family’s outfit - be it sarees, lehengas or dresses, shirts, or sherwani are made from sustainable materials

7. A clear no to food waste - Check with your guests about their food preferences and plan the menu and quantity accordingly.

8. Make sure to be conscious of your wedding waste

9. Reuse wedding decor items in your home or resell them

Some of these ideas may seem very obvious, and some may feel small in their impact.

But, Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

In the same way when you combine many small decisions over time, they add up to bigger results.

When you make a conscious decision to do something at your wedding, it creates a ripple effect.

With an eco-friendly wedding, you not only save a lot of unnecessary waste, but the wedding is beautiful and dreamlike and does little to no harm to mother earth.

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