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5 unique brands changing the eco-friendly game.

Eco-friendly; a word which has so much potential and a lot of buzz around it.

It’s almost like a catch-22 situation.

While some brands & businesses are genuinely making efforts to take the eco-friendly game seriously, many are often just ‘greenwashing’

But we as consumers not only should be appreciative but also aware. From making lifestyle choices to food habits, we must understand what’re we truly supporting? How are we going eco-friendly for a happier earth? What ingredients are we consuming?

To answer these, you must understand what is the true meaning behind this ever-so-buzzing word ‘eco-friendly’?

Eco-friendly are products that don’t cause any harm or ill to the environment while being produced, used, or even disposed of. Eco-friendly products advance the beautiful concepts of Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle.

Often misunderstood as expensive & worthless, eco-friendly products are the actual saviours of mass consumerism in which we all are trapped.

So do you wish to join in on the eco-friendly game & take the baton of sustainability ahead?

Here are some brands you will absolutely love:

Phool: If you think you know recycling, think again! Phool is a revolutionary sustainable brand in India recycling temple flowers into charcoal luxury incense sticks. OMG right?

Besides incense sticks, Phool also carries an exciting range of incense cones & candles all of which are 100% natural, charcoal-free, and handmade with love!

Phool has truly inspired us to think outside the box and take recycling to the next level!

Brown Living: If you wish to live a sustainable lifestyle, Brown living is your best friend. From bath essentials to fashion to eco-friendly gifts, Brown living is your one-stop-shop for all things earth-loving!

Their signature products include bamboo loofah, bamboo notebooks to eco-friendly on-the-go cutlery.

So unique in its nature, brown living has redefined our lifestyle choices!

Strauss: Did you know you could go eco-friendly while working out? Yes, with the Strauss TPE Eco-friendly Yoga Mat!

This revolutionary yoga mat is made from thermoplastic elastomers, which is good for you & for the environment.

That’s not all,

It's also skid-free & generous at support.

We total recommend this extraordinary yoga mat to make its way into your fitness time.

MixMitti: After knowing about this brand, we’re truly astonished.

Mixmitti is a brand that brings the best of both worlds; cruelty-free stunning bags with never-seen-before designs inspired by social & environmental issues.

Spreading awareness one bag at a time, sales from these bags are donated to preserving wildlife & nature.

Mixmitti with its innovation & aesthetics truly holds a special place for us.

Paul&Mike: Cleaning eating all the way! What do we mean?

WIth honest ingredients, clean harvesting & farming practices, & sustainability at its core, Paul & Mike are redefining clean eating.

What made us fall in love with Paul & Mike is their intention to break myths around Indian Chocolates & their brand mission to be Carbon Negative by 2023.

Paul & Mike is the first brand to win a silver badge at The International Chocolate Awards & our hearts.

Now that you have been well-versed with some unique brands, make the right choice & shop guilt-free!

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