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5 sustainable habits you need!

We all have habits, and naturally, habits are made of us and we’re made of them!

Now when it comes to habits, we have certain professional & personal habits, but how about adopting some new habits that are healthy for you & for the environment too?

But don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean switching up your shopping bags or banning away single-use products.

We’re talking about making real lifestyle changes that leave long-time earth-loving impacts!

Very much like in any habit, for even sustainable habits, it is those small-small changes that will leave the big-big impacts!

What do we mean?

A few conscious decisions here, a few conscious changes there, and there you are!

A much better, much happier supporter of our Beloved Mother Earth!

Such sustainable habits don’t only make you a supporter but set you up for a cleaner & greener tomorrow, and the future generations to come!

We’ve said enough, so let’s deep dive into some super sustainable & super exciting habits you need:

1. Buy right, Choose right

There are a plethora of brands out there with so many new innovations in the eco-friendly and sustainability space, it’s unimaginable. A fine example would be; “Bare Necessities” A women-led team, bare necessities promotes the zero waste lifestyle with its packaging & processes. Shop guilt-free!

2. Walk the walk

Take a step in the right direction by ditching your car and rather choosing to walk! This habit is not only sustainable as you reduce your carbon footprint but also get to stay active & healthy!

3. Shop Small, Support Small

Yes, if your thoughts also screamed “vocal for local”, you got us! Perhaps, what a wonderful habit it is to shop small, you support your local community, its creativity, and uniqueness as well as encourage the economy. Let’s not forget, the smallest of businesses have the most eco-friendly standards at every level.

4. Read more, Research More

Sustainability, clean, green, and veganism as concepts are ever-evolving. Every day there are tons of innovations out there. The key to choosing the right product, brand, or service is to research your heart out and make the right choice. And who says it has to be boring? Get your reading glasses on & subscribe to A Green Loop now for some hip & happening trends on sustainability. We’ve got it all!

5. Grow your own

What if we said, your new habit could get you fresh produce & reduce your wastage!? Yes, folks, we’re talking about gardening! A fun and engaging habit, growing your own greens and vegetables can get you the healthiest ingredients, boost your environment, and save you the big bucks too!

So here you have it! 5 easy & practical habits to up your eco-game!

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