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5 steps to a zero waste living

Can you believe Urban India generates about 1.15 lakh metric tons of waste per day?

That’s a whopping 42 million tons of waste per year.

Now, imagine if you could reduce such crazy statistics by making better, sustainable choices!

Fortunately, we’re blessed with the blissful; Zero Waste Living.

Don’t get intimidated..Zero waste may sound fancy or tough but it is actually quite easy.

How you ask? Firstly, let’s decode what exactly is Zero Waste Living?

Zero waste living is a way of life in which you reduce your waste or any kind of ‘throw-away materials’ and recycle such materials to alternative, better uses.

As we all know, there’s no waste found in nature. That’s why, the zero waste living works so well!

If you’re just starting out with this popular concept, we have some easy & fun steps on your journey to the zero waste life:

1. Say goodbye to single-use products: Move away from paper tissues, wet wipes, cloth rags or handkerchiefs, plastic cutlery to steelware.

2. Start a compost bin: One of the easiest ways to reduce landfills and practice at-home recycling. Did you know your leftover tea leaves and coffee grounds can be great nourishments to your homegrown plants? Another great example can be crushing your leftover eggshells into the soil. Enriches and protects your soil throughout.

3. Break up with plastics: Cut down the use of plastics, one step at a time! Plastic bottles to steel or cooper bottles. Plastic garbage bags to biodegradable dustbin bags. You can find them here: Implementing change together, beco aims at providing eco-friendly choices for single-use plastics and packaging products.

4. Adapt to all-around products: Hunt for multi-purpose products. A wise example would be an all-purpose cleaner for the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms or one beauty product for five different uses like lip and cheek tints, super setter sprays for face and hair, or colour corrector + contour palettes.

5. Choose healthier essentials: We all have a daily routine which includes creams, soaps, cleaning scrubs, earbuds, and combs. So why not give it an eco-friendly twist? Explore amazing alternatives here with India’s first online vegan zero waste store with unthinkable options such as coconut cleaning scrubs, bamboo cotton swabs, natural body butters and whatnot!

Zero waste living is a life choice, a journey you can take today, to make your tomorrow better! We hope these easy tips help you in making a difference in the world!

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