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The Mother - son duo,  Pushpita and Aadit Gaur are the creative minds behind this blog.


A green Loop is their platform to share their thoughts on Ethical fashion and leading a conscious lifestyle.



Pushpita is a Leather accessory designer and entrepreneur turned Sustainability advocator while Aadit is a Gen Z advocator of green living.

A green Loop is born of their belief that sustainability is a way of life and therefore co-created this Fashion and lifestyle blog that discovers ethical and sustainable brands. It aims at showing the readers that living a sustainable lifestyle is quite “fun and easy”. Its an attempt to inspire, educate and influence change in the fashion and lifestyle industry by encouraging people to slow down and make more conscious consumption decisions.

After the realization that the consumption of fast fashion and excessive waste along with our carbon footprints takes a toll on our planet and the people living on it, Pushpita decided it was time for a change. Pushpita combines two of the things she appreciates greatly: the environment and fashion, on this platform. A green loop helps you out with a list of amazing ethical and Eco-friendly designers, brands, and products.


If there are any guys reading this, this blog is especially a go-to for you. From fashion to grooming you will find that an amazing style can go hand in hand with making conscious choices.


A green Loop will also take you on an interesting and creative journey on recycling, up-cycling, and re-suing your Pre-loved goods. After all, we have to close the Loop!


“It’s about making a conscious choice to support the people behind the clothes and lifestyle products, to choose quality over quantity, to choose longevity over trends, to go green. Sustainability goes beyond fashion, it's a lifestyle, it's a revolution, it's about genuinely trying to be the change you wish to see in the world"

- Pushpita Gaur.


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